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Rights to Time Off (UK)

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Your annualised hours consultants’ guide

As any professional team of annualised hours consultants will advise, most workers have the right to take a minimum amount of paid holiday. This is called statutory holiday. (There are some people, such as those who are self-employed or who work in the armed forces, police or civil protection services, who don't have this automatic right.)

Workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks holiday a year. This can be converted into days or hours to comply with contractual arrangements such as annualised hours.

e.g. a person on a 35 hour working week has the entitlement to 5.6 x 35 = 196 hours

There is no legal right have bank holidays or public holidays off work. If a worker gets them they do not have a legal right to be paid for them. If the employer does give paid bank holidays or public holidays, then they are counted as part of your statutory holiday unless your employment contract says you get bank holidays and public holidays on top of your statutory entitlement.
i.e the minimum requirement for a person on a standard 5 day week is 5 x 5.6 = 28 days, these 28 may or may not include bank holidays or public holidays.

There can be many arrangements between employer and employee as to when time off work can be taken. An employer can force employees take all or any time off at a particular time, providing notice is given, generally at least twice as long as the time off. Likewise, the notice given to an employer from an employee is generally expected to be the same.  So long as contractual and legal arrangements are met then the employer does not have to approve the request but they should inform the employee before the same amount of notice as the requested time off. e.g. for  1 week off ensure the employee is informed at least a week before the time off begins.

Should you have any queries relating to rights to time off or annualised hours for your UK workforce, please contact Pasfield Curran’s annualised hours consultants who will be happy to assist.

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