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We work the longest hours in Europe, yet other countries are more productive and earn more. 'The long hours disease' grips too many workplaces.
Brendan Barber
General Secretary TUC

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August 2016 - The reason pizza, NOT money, is the key to improving productivity
Pizza is the best motivator for improving productivity!
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August 2016 - Future factories to be run by 1 man and a dog
The man is there to feed the dog and the dog is there to stop the man touching the machines? How will work change in the next twenty years?
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August 2016 - Why are UK workers so unproductive?
Working hours are at a high, yet productivity has collapsed - Incentives need to be aligned!
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August 2016 - Employers cannot 'simply opt out of the National Living Wage', says Government
"Employers cannot simply opt out of the NLW by defining their staff as self-employed."
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August 2016 - Theresa May stresses importance of reducing north-south productivity gap
PM emphasises that productivity gap must decrease - Increase yours through more agile working
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July 2016 - Sports Direct staff 'not treated as humans', says MPs' report
Getting flexibility in your workforce DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be like this
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July 2016 - Drivers battle Uber over employment rights
Are Uber drivers workers? What are the implications in terms of Working Time Regulations and National Living Wage?
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June 2016 - How to solve UK's productivity puzzle
UK's long hours culture leads to low productivity, improve yours by matching true demands
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June 2016 - BGF hosts Manufacturing Workshop at JLR
Business Growth Fund event recently held at Jaguar Land Rover where Crown-Pasfield Curran shared expertise on flexible workforce management
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June 2016 - Covering the cost of the national living wage
"Optimising shift patterns" is the way to cover the cost of the national living wage
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June 2016 - Flexible working: are employers missing a trick?
Successful flexible working benefits both employee and employer
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November 2014
Neville Henderson, senior consultant at Crown Computing, addresses the concerns raised in a recent report that irregular shift patterns may affect worker’s mental abilities.
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July 2012 - Annualised Hours scheme from Pasfield Curran
How an Annualised Hours scheme from Pasfield Curran gave Palram UK the necessary flexibility in manning levels so it could respond much more cost-effectively and competitively to changes in seasonal demand.
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July 2012 - Data Mining for Absence Reduction
Neville Henderson, senior consultant at Pasfield Curran, the consulting arm of Crown Computing, explores how mining workforce data can help reduce absence rates.
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June 2012 - Understanding absence
The real reasons for absenteeism can be difficult for businesses to uncover says Neville Henderson, senior consultant at Pasfield Curran, the consulting arm of Crown Computing, but the cost of remaining in the dark is significant.
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June 2012 - The Absentee Workforce and Manufacturing Productivity
Tackle absence for bottom line growth says Neville Henderson, principal analyst, Pasfield Curran and Crown Computing
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June 2012 - Analysis of working to combat absenteeism
Christian Berenger' s article "Prevention or Cure" pins down some key trends, but stylises flexible working into a panacea for reducing absenteeism.
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May 2012 - Man Versus Machine
Will the role of the payroll manager ever become obsolete? Sarah Mackinlay explores the changing nature of the job and its increasing complexity.
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April 2012 - Don't sack or cut frontline services to save
The recent news about dramatic reductions in first responder posts and plans for private policing services have once again highlighted the enormous pressure that Britain's police forces are under as a result of Government budget cuts.
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September 2011 - 'Metrics' system
While people are undoubtedly a company's greatest asset, performance-based metrics could help improve the bottom line.
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August 2011 - Flexible working can help increase engagement
Productivity expert Neville Henderson of Crown Computing discusses the benefits of flexible working.
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April 2011 - Councils do not have to 'sack to save'.
A local authority with 1,000 staff can save over £1m a year just by managing their staff better. In particular they need to tackle absence, time theft and fraud, and effective staff deployment, writes Neville Henderson.
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May 2010 - Working overtime increases heart risk
Research has found that people who regularly work 10- to 12-hour days increase their risk of a heart attack by two-thirds.
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Dec 2007 - Online survey finds British workers over-stretched and underwhelmed by long hours
An online survey has revealed that four out of 10 British workers claim they work more than 60 hours a week.
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Dec 2007 - Flexible working now offered by 95% of employers
More employers than ever before are offering some kind of flexible working to their staff, according to the government's latest Work-Life Balance Employer Survey.
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May 2007 - UK staff 'denied flexible work'
A report by the Equal Opportunities Commission has shown that UK companies lag behind mainland Europe in the implementation of flexible working despite joint party approval of its benefits for business and employees.
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May 2007 - Working Time Around the World” shows long hours culture still in UK
In a study by the United Nations agency, the International Labour Organisation, a quarter of the UK workforce put in more than 48 hours per week. That means UK workers work the longest hours of any developed nation putting us way ahead of the rest of Europe and America.
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